Update-update din.

Kagabi napag-alaman ko na gumawa ng blogsite si boyfie dito sa wordpress kaya naisipan kong irevive toh. Kaya lang hindi ko alam ung ano ang isusulat ko dito. 😦

Mas active kasi ako sa Tumblr at doon english yung mga sinusulat ko.

Habang sinusulat ko toh, naghihintay akong magload yung episode ng Bones season 8 sa kabilang tab. Alam mo ba ang tv series na yun? Paborito ko yun. :))

Meron ako ngayong 21 unread messages sa pepon ko pero hindi ko binubuksan. Kay Semi-friend galing yun. Si semi friend yung SAWING PAGIBIG na tinutukoy ko sa mga entries ko last year. Oo, di pa rin ako natuto. Ako ay nanatiling huwaran niyang kaibigan sa kabila ng sobrang daming attempts ko na iwanan na siya. Kasi nga isa akong huwarang kaibigan.

Anyway, meron nga pala akong bagong boyfie (yun nga nabanggit ko sa unang line ng entry na toh). Ay di pala siya bago kasi malapit na kaming mag10 months. Di ako sigurado kung Ok ba kami ngayon ehh. I mean, ok pala siya, ako pala yung hindi sigurado kung ok ba ako. Hindi siya kilala ng mom ko. Pero ipapakilala ko siya. Hopefully malapit na kung hindi kami magbebreak. Sabi naman niya di daw siya makikipagbreak saken. Woooooooh!

Grabe sa random ng update na toh ha. Sige. Balik ako mamaya pag may matino na akong maiseshare sa inyo. πŸ™‚



Traffic in the sky

Sometimes even a set of pictures makes me wish life was only this- only earth, and that it lasted forever. Sometimes I wish reincarnation was real. That I never began and will never end. That I’m a bundle of nerves made from dead stars and dinosaur bones and birds of paradise, rotted.

The song, “Traffic in the sky” by Jack Johnson still makes me feel like light, petals, melancholy, love, spring, vanilla, sunrise, fourteen, homeschooled, innocent, crying.

I wish that I had time to tell him about myself from the very beginning so he could hold all of me and see my whole little soul- in perspective, in movement, in growth and development, but always in one place. I wish I could have known him my entire life. I wish he was my angel so he could have seen me forever. Erase my past, everything is dead to me. I just now became something lasting.

He came. I saw. You conquered us both.

My heart is made of boxelder wood

More brittle than tender

See how it


So loudly when you break it?





Lips like yours were made for…


I need a grounder.

I am on the wrong path, going down monotony lane.
I will never be what I truly wish, if I do not change severely.
how did I end up this far gone?
how can I return?


Yeah, I guess this page needs to get updated. Will try really really hard to write something sensible this time.


Hello imaginary readers!

andito pa ako. :D

Ang tagal kong hindi nagawi dito. Hindi dahil sa wala akong maikwento, ang dami ko ngang kwento ehh, sa dami hindi ko alam kung san magsisimula. Isa pa, tinatamad pa ako magpost ng mahaba ngayon. Gusto ko lang iparamdam sa mga imaginary readers ko na buhay pako. πŸ˜€

Faces and Phases.

Sometimes I wonder what people think of me. Yes, I admit it. Not that I obsess over it or think about it often, but let’s say some random stranger comes across my blog. What would they think? They’d probably flip to another blog and rule me out as an intellectual thinker, as my recent posts have been everything but substantial. Or what about acquaintances or even old friends? People can never really know you and understand you completely. Everyone is multifaceted. We show different faces to different people and at the end of the night, we look into the mirror and ask “Who are you?” At times I am sure of who I am; the upbeat, crazy, wacko Asian who wants to save the world. Other times I just want to keep to myself and hide in my bunny cave, not bothering to introspect. I used to cut myself into pieces to decipher every emotion, motive, reasoning behind my actions and thoughts.

It’s the perfect time to know yourself.